About Aqua

Aqua aerobics, or water aerobics, typically is comprised of aerobic exercises performed in water. It typically uses the water as resistance for exercises that normally are done on land, such as jogging or jumping jacks. Aqua aerobics can have the same benefits as other types of exercise, but it offers a lower risk of injuries to the muscles and joints.

Aqua aerobics is generally more low-impact than land-based exercises, but participants may expend more energy because of the water resistance. Movements tend to be done at a slower speed because of the water. This resistance also helps prevent injuries because the gravity pull is less stressful on joints and the water assists to prevent the body from overheating.

Water aerobics is a popular form of exercise for people with health issues such as arthritis, back pain, a soft tissue injury and joint problems.

The many benefits of water aerobics include calorie burning, stress relief and a low risk of overheating. It is good for most fitness levels, helps to build strength and flexibility and aids in weight loss. Water aerobics typically only requires the body to support 50 percent of its weight because of its water setting, so exercises might be easier to perform.

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